Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Endorse Thee

Here is a website I fully endorse:


It’s the first ever New York Muslim voter and information club. I want to you to go visit see what they have to say. And if its for you join!

Believe me this is a long time coming. Its about time Muslims became a voice in American Politics. For far too long we have be marginalized. Our interest our values our safety thrown to the side. Often times our community is ostracized made to be the villain in a heinous bid to stir up public fear. Which only serves a select few while damaging the country as a whole.  

I am not saying a voter club will change all that. What I am saying is that we have another outlet. A forum to our voices heard. And why do we need to speak up? Aside from the fact that there is rampant institutionalized discrimination against Muslims (When a prominent GOP Candidate is “not comfortable” with us it’s a problem). But more important it has been established that when a minority population is not allowed to speak and their grievances are not addressed, the situation can become chaotic. (French riots anyone?)

So lets not get sucked into a trap of darkness. Instead of cursing the darkness lets light a fire. Lets capitalize on the resources our community has provided us. God Bless and Be well. 

And while I am at it read Imam Rauf's book: (I have only read the free sample on my nook…but its gooooood)


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