Sunday, July 29, 2012

Changes, changes…

Hey Guys! What’s going on? Haven’t been here for some time. I have been working on other parts of my digital empire. And even then only when I get a break from my day job, social obligations and of course my own lethargy. I know I am really selling it.
So what do I have in store for you guys…my readers my fans? Well to kick things off as previously mentioned I was forced to switch hosts for the sadisoft website. because of that the entire website had to be remade. Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If you have not already seen it its my pleasure to introduce the new and improved
Once the website loads in your browser you will immediately see the difference. Much more sleek and compact, targeted content, expanded material. Be sure to check out the world map, it will serve as a ready reference for LEO (code name for the sequel to ROTD) readers.
So when do you get to read more material from the ROTD universe? Well not any time soon. You see the writing portion of my digital empire is relegated to this blog for now. I want to do a better job than I did in my first novel. Therefore I am doing extra research, more character development, more planning out things before jumping and writing the story. This is all to put out a better product.
On top of that I can’t ignore the technologist inside of me. So I am also working on the video game. I want to give you guys more than just a splash screen. And you will have a full blown game some time in the near future. You see no one gets something for nothing. I have an ulterior motive to developing the video game. First of all I want to keep my programming chops up to speed. Second of all I need to brush up on my java. This will only help me out in my professional life.
But that’s not to say that I have forgotten about you. Not in the least. I’ve been monitoring sales on smashwords. And I have noticed that AOD has been selling really well. The question was do readers buy this short story because of its message? Or because of the low low price. To answer that question all of stories are at the low low price $0.99. Grab them from smashwords and help me answer my question.
Also folks Ramzan Mubarak…to all those who are fasting I pray that you can get the most amount of benefit from this blessed month. Also to all lovers of humanity keep the burmese people in your prayers. They are going through a dark time as neighbor has turned on neighbor. Let’s do what we can to end this wretched genocide (NSFW).

 The Burmese Muslims need more than our prayers. They desperately need us to be their voices. If you are in the NYC area join others for a Rally at the UN New York: 4 p.m., Sept. 8. Also read up on the Burma Task Force USA, if you can donate your time and/or money to this worthy cause; please do so. Let's show the oppressors that we see them, they can not get away with their crimes. And that they're hate is unfounded the world stands united with the Rohingya Muslims.
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