Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mini Vacation

So I've been meaning to blog about my recent escapade into Time Square. It all started when I felt burnt out a couple of weeks ago. Ever since my father's death I've been living in the apartment he left me and working to support myself. At first I only had Sundays off which was just enough time to do the laundry and nap. Not much in the entertainment department. But ever since I got promoted from the shop floor to a desk job I managed to get the weekend off. Now there is the possibility for some fun.

I started off small ordering movies of off my cable service (no, not those kinds of movies). But soon that wasn't enough I needed a bigger fix to ward off my impending burn out. To tell you the truth the constant routine of work and home was getting on my nerves I had to get out. So when I learned that Green Day (my second favorite band after Metallica) had adopted their American Idiot album into a musical I knew I had to see it. But I was a bit hesitant lewd scences were also part of the show. Would I want to be in that kind of environment? I figured I would risk it (turns out others were also uncomfortable with those scenes as their frowns would indicate, Go Modesty!) Soon enough I had my e-ticket thanks to the speedy service at telecharge. When the fateful day arrived I couldn't believe that I was actually doing this. I've never been to a Broadway play before and couldn't wait.

Travelling by F train took all of 45 minutes to get there. I was in the middle of Manhattan. Huge office buildings and posh parks surrounded me. I had the directions for the theater printed out on a Google map but had memorized the route. Leaving the train station I went on my way. There was about half an hour before the doors would open and I figured I could grab a bite to eat along the way. I was hoping for a Burger King their fish fillet is way better than McDonald's. But it was my destiny to strike upon a Subway "Bingo" I thought "Foot long tuna here I come!" After gorging on the fishy flesh smothered with sweet onion and southwestern sauce I made my way towards the St. James theatre.

But before reaching Broadway I had to pass through Time Square. It was just like the pictures! Coke bottle and jumbo tron galore! There were people everywhere. From what I could tell they were mostly tourist taking pictures and lounging around. I made my way through being sure not to make eye contact with the tour operator hawkers. The next block was home to several theatres all of which were playing one sort of play or another. It was very touristy there were huge multimedia displays up urging viewers to come inside and learn about King Tut, tempting but I'll pass.

Finally I reached my destination ticket holders were stretched out along the sidewalk. Now Green Day has its own punk rock style so fans were dressed up like the band, me I came as is in my usual clothes. No guy liner for me. The staff quickly let us in boxed us off in our sections and had us seated in no time. I was however able to take in the ambiance of the theatre. There was a bar on each floor with dimmed lights and everything. Very attractive just like any other vice is. Plus over inflated merchandise was also on hand but highly impractical $30 for a baseball cap come on!

Once seated the show started with a bang and didn't let up until the end. Seeing the stories from the album acted out gave me a better understanding of they were trying to say. However its anti-war message has always been clear. Indeed we need to love one another because we are part of the same universal family. Plus the poor and middle class people need to steer clear of powers that want to use them only for cannon fodder to further their materialistic and sadistic goals. Can I get another Amen?

Here's some proof that I was there. I couldn't take pictures as it wasn't allowed even then it wouldn't matter seeing how I don't own a digital camera. I am currently budgeting for my big wedding reception which is steadily inching closer. Can't wait to be with my wife we've grown fonder of each other through the months. We miss each other very much and can't wait to be together. So yeah rock on!
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