Sunday, May 16, 2010

IEEE Karachi Section History

An interesting read for those curious about the progress of science and technology in the city of Karachi, known as the revenue engine for the nation of Pakistan.
IEEE Karachi Section History - GHN: IEEE Global History Network

Now I've been told to toot your own horn every now and then less others use it as spittoon. So it makes me feel very shiny to mention that the top brass of this section compromises of former professors. Also the most prolific campus that has managed to outpace other university in the sheer number of IEEE branches happens to be my alma matter. This is where I did my masters studies and attempted my thesis. Sadly I couldn't finish because of trying times in my personal life. No worries I have enough college credit to convince any employer that I am indeed an M.Sc. and also I am working towards my PMP so that should seal the deal when it comes to my career advancement. Right now I am at a ho hum job with my uncle and cousin. Glad to have it as it pays the bills but again ho hum.
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