Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's special about today?

Well for one thing its my birthday. Happy birthday to me. It's kinda scary because I am that much closer to my 30's. For most of you that's not a big deal because you are in your thirties or beyond. But for me approaching a new age bracket has me thinking about how far I've come professionaly. Domesticaly I believe I am doing fine. My budding new relationship with my splendid wife is coming along nicely. Of course we keep in touch only via email or phone. I wonder where our relationship will be when we're living together.

Anyways friends have been giving me birthday wishes on facebook. plus a couple of relatives have called in. Which is great but you know I don't have much planned for my b-day. Anyways thanks for dropping by send me a birthday wish if you want. Okay then buh-by.
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