Tuesday, February 24, 2009


u go dawg!!! (slang from the hood remember i b east coast 'aight?)

Dear IEEE Member, This is to inform you that IEEE Karachi Section is going to have its Annual General Meeting at Avari Towers Hotel on February 19, 2009 by 6:00pm. Please see the following agenda for the meeting. Your presence at the meeting shall be highly appreciated.
6:00pm - 6:30pm Gathering of Members & start of AGM6:30pm - 6:35pm Welcome Note by Secretary IEEE Karachi Section6:35pm - 6:50pm Revival of IEEE Karachi Section by Chair IEEE Karachi Section6:50pm - 7:00pm Technical Activities Update (INMIC 2008 & IC4 2009) by Join Secretary IEEE Karachi Section7:00pm - 7:10pm Student Activities Update by SAC IEEE Karachi Section7:10pm - 7:20pm Accounts Presentation by Treasurer IEEE Karachi Section7:20pm - 7:30pm Annoucement of Ex-com 2009 & volunteer offer to attendees by Vice Chair IEEE Karachi Section7:30pm - 7:40pm Future Activities of IEEE Karachi Section by Secretary IEEE Karachi Section7:40pm - 8:00pm High Tea Please confirm your availability for the meeting by emailing at !@#@%#$%$%^. Looking forward to see you at the meeting. RegardsOm PerkashSecretary,IEEE Karachi Section
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