Sunday, February 8, 2009

Criminal Law & Disorder

Haven’t done an AVP for a while. Feeling a bit under the weather and feeling totally stoked, new life and all. Back in the day I was doing some research in mi’ High School Library when Mrs. Nelson an esteemed librarian took interest in what I was doing. I went on and told her that I was taking Advance Placement courses one of which was in computer science. She immediately made a vital connection. Her son was doing litigation work with regards to computer law and encouraged me to do the same. At the time mi familia and I were planning our move to the motherland and were gearing up for departure so I made a mental note and moved forward.

Eight years later I realize the wisdom of her words lil’ old Pakiland must now contend with cyber crime. Citizens must carry a CNIC (Computerized National [Shanakti] Identification Card) I have one so does GF. All of which are issued by NADRA. On September 29th 2008 (which also happens to be lil’ sis birthday) the Pakistani government (under the auspices of Zardari) decided to pass a cyber crime bill. The gist of which is that if you manage to hack into a computer system and are caught you will be executed in the most horrible and gruesome way imaginable.

Me being a Computer Scientist in my dreams and when I am taking a dump find this to be ridiculous. I being a maverick computer lawyer dude bringing law to Dodge City for the very first time don’t have a clue as to the equivalent legislation. Naturally being a holder and all I can gain access to US legislation. But I am wondering what would ISO do? And how far has the world progressed, in this regard?

Rogue thee not, however as an ex quality assurance engineer I was required to do white hacks into sensitive computer software to identify weak points. So according to paki law I should be tarred and feathered right about know. Thank god KFC is halal up and over here I am feeling mighty hungry.

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