Saturday, November 22, 2008

The power to change

People don’t get me. I am a misfit no matter where I go. My people can’t understand why I have left the US to come live with them. Americans don’t understand who or what I am. I contain within me intimate knowledge of two vastly different cultures. So different that they have felt the need to be at war with each other. Fear is rampant, ranks are being closed. People on both sides view the future as bleak and hopeless. Everyone is waiting to go to hell in a bucket.

You have to be pretty damn idealistic to view yourself as a conduit. But that’s what I think I am. To Pakistanis I am all American, to Americans I am all Pakistani. Both points of view would be off the mark. I am a member of humanity, a citizen of the world. I believe in universal truths, that all of mankind can agree upon (have you hugged your mother today?). But are these truths enough to bring warring nations together? Probably not.

A theme often reflected in science fiction literature is of the wayward misfit. A child born of two species, is forced to find his place in the world. The conflict that arises within and outside him shapes his identity. In the end this being can either be good or evil.

I would say that I use my identity for good. My co-workers have strange notions about American life. And I try my best to clear up any misconceptions. I did the same for Islam and Muslims during my time in the US. But being a conduit has its drawbacks. Because it makes you just plain weird.

Resisting “The melting pot” is an apt description of what I go through. As the Borg, champions of homogenous societies will tell you “Resistance is Futile”. To them I say “Screw You” this is one individual that you’re not getting. I refuse to conform, to be assimilated, to think like you think.

Shun me, I prefer solitude over inane chatter. Embrace me, I will compel you to think beyond narrow mindsets, beyond petty differences, beyond borders, beyond this world. The shackles of mental slavery will be shattered. If this makes me a thorn in your side, so be it. Change will occur.
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