Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh look it's Multipost

I want to announce some more big news but my cognitive abilities seem to be shot. I can't come up with a well thought out and coherent post. Give me a minute I should come up with something soon. In the meantime lots of little tidbits of information have piled up that I wanted to share.

First of a shout out to Rabia. She's a technical writer at our company. This was her last week with us. She's moving on to bigger and better things. Good luck, you'll be missed.

Saqib is still hanging around which is great since he has some pretty good insights into stuff. For example he was telling me about a Mike Myers interview he had seen. The gifted actor measured his skill level using the following criteria:

Unconsciously incompetent - when you first start off in any career you have no idea how much you suck

Consciously incompetent - once you had a chance to compare your abilities with veterans in your field you become aware of how much you suck.

Consciously competent - Hopefully you don't want to remain a crappy <enter your proffesion here> so you work towards improving yourself.

Unconsciously competent - Sooner or later all that hard work pays off because now you're a seasoned veteran and go about doing your work without giving it a second thought.

I'd say I am consciously competent. When will I become unconsciously competent? I dunno, when did Neo realize he was the one?

A word on the Mumbia Massacre. It's a tragic event, a lot of innocent people have died. However sensationalism needs to be avoided. At this time it's even more important to remain logical. Just like with any criminal act a proper investigation needs to be conducted (torturing the sole surviving gunmen doesn't count). Once credible evidence has been produced, punish only those who are responsible. Now is not the time for escalating tensions.
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