Friday, August 29, 2008

The wait is over

I know you've been eagerly awaiting my announcement. And that you're about to burst with excitement. Since I don't want you bursting and messing up the carpet, I'll come clean.

I got a job! You're looking at the latest addition to the SQA department of an up and coming tech company. They create software for banks. And have their systems running in all major banks of Pakistan. Plus they have clients in the middle east.

I sent in my resume thinking nothing of it. But then I got called in for an interview, then another and another. After an exhaustive round of interviews (these guys aren't the tag team) I was finally extended a job offer. "Are you interested?" they asked

"Most definitely!" This morning I inked a deal with their HR department making it official. I start monday and can't wait. I met a lot of buddies from college during orientation. Everyones really friendly and happy. Which is great I can carry their positive energy home with me, making me less snippy.

Now to send some positive energy your way. In celebration I am taking everyone out for a round of yummy milk shakes!!! mmm...minty.

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