Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tough crowd

Oh man did I have a tough interview the other day. From a technical standpoint it was the most grueling. It was conducted by a tag team of very competent people. I was on the ropes for most of the time but I think I was able to charm them enough that they will consider me. After all they spent an hour quizzing me. If they didn’t see any potential they would have asked to me leave much earlier. And on occasion they were pleased with my responses. So there is a chance they might take me in but I won’t know until they get back to me.

To tell you the truth it was a bit weird me not being able to wow them. In all my other job interviews people would come right out and tell me that they like my stuff. Which is why I also suspect the tag team had their poker faces on; an effective strategy that had me second guessing my responses. It also lets you dig a grave for yourself if you’re not careful.
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