Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You know you're blogging too much when...

  • You meet friends in real life and look for the "add comment" link
  • You wonder if you spellchecked your thoughts before speaking
  • You scroll to another friend in search of a new topic
  • During a pause in a conversation you wonder when the next update will be posted

I hate to admit it but I was plagued by some of these symptoms. They weren't serious but troublesome. That's why I decided to cut back on my blogging. I guess they're right about too much of a good thing.

And beside meeting people in real life can be fun. As long as they're friendly and "get" you. Otherwise you run the risk of meeting mean people, which as we know, suck. Another note on mean people, the worst type are the ones who think everyone likes them and go on being a nuisance. Eventually somebody has to sit them down and tell them to knock it off. Which comes as a shock to said mean person who retaliates by being even more mean and an even bigger nuisance. To the point that you wish you could claw their eyes out...

Sorry I can't reveal the real life events that prompted these thoughts.
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