Friday, June 27, 2008

Drop everything...

and go see Children of Men. I was flipping through cable channels when I stumbled upon this movie. Lucky for me it was just starting so I didn't miss a thing, a rare event indeed. The cinematography is great. It really pulls you in making you feel part of the action. It reminded me of the action scenes from Saving Private Ryan.

Aside from the special effects the most compelling aspect I found was the story. It forced you to take notice, as it touched upon many sensitive issues of our day and age. Furthermore I applaud the creators for creating a believable future based upon an improbable event. The Human race is plagued by mass infertility, spelling the end of the species. The world has plunged into chaos as major cities become ravaged by war. The British are stilling functioning, however they use ruthless methods for keeping immigrants out.

A group of concerned citizens lead a resistance to counter the Government's Draconian rule. Members of the resistance are ordinary people who take extreme risks to achieve their objectives. Some of them don't make it. Which is how resistances in the real world are played out. There aren't any superheroes, advance weaponary or higher lifeforms to save the day. It's real people in the streets fighting for what they believe in. All of this was protrayed beautifully in the movie.

This film is set in the future. Many of the gadgets we crave for today are a reality in this future. However they take a backseat to the human drama. As it should be. Simply having TOLEDS in your windsheild or smart homes will not cure the world of its ills. They will still be there and will have to be dealt with.

I can't talk enough about this movie there were several scenes in which I felt like crying (I admit this with no shame, I know I am a manly man) . At other times I felt anger. At any rate I thought about the issues raised by the movie long after it was over. To make a long story short I really really really liked it and I think you will too.

Also I haven't heard about this movie till now it was released in 2006. Did the PR people do a crummy job?

UPDATE: I added my two cents to Scalzi's list of new SciFi classics. Guess who made the cut? (my comment is number 89)
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