Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's get all professional and stuff

You may notice a shiny new button in the sidebar. That's a link to my LinkedIn profile. I signed up a while back but didn't do much over there, so my account was fairly dormant. I guess I was spending most of my internet time blogging and reading other people's blogs. Recently I started gearing up and becoming more active.

Anyways if any of you want to know me professionally and not as a sci-fi writing, irregulary posting, dweeb you can head on over there. If you already on linked in I'll be happy to add you as a connection. I know of at least one UCFer that I added.

In case you already don't know, my geeky nature led me to a career in Software Engineering. My primary role on a development team has been as a QA engineer. We have the distinct pleasure of acting as a bulwark between angry clients and nonchalant programmers. It's fun. Plus my thesis ties in with my professional experience.

So if your in the IT industry and want to talk shop with me consider joining my network. I will be pleased as peaches.
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