Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekend Assingment #214

After completing my bachelors I was feeling on top of the world. I got a few job offers and I was in the position to decide which one I wanted. Money was the primary deciding factor. Around that same time I got accepted to a top Graduate college. My office wasn't that far from campus so I didn't have to commute much to get to class.

Yup life was pretty good. Sure it was hectic working and studying day in and day out but it was fun. All that changed when the first semester results came in. My gpa was below the minimal requirement. Apparently my job was effecting my grades. This was the first time that I was juggling both. So what did I do? I trudged on in hopes of doing better next time. Things didn't get better in fact they got much worse to the point that they were considering expelling me from the college if I didn't shape up.

I talked to my family about what I should do. Naturally they told me to focus on your education it's more important. So I left my job they were dissapointed to see me go and had offered to make me manager of the QA department. An offer that was hard to refuse, but I said no thanks I gotta get an education.

So I hunkered down and started studying full time. Thankfully my grades improved and they decided not to expell me. Feeling lucky I took on a part time job as well. I am no manager but at least I can set my own hours and study full time. Plus in between things I have more time to write which is liberating.

But as the borg say resistance is futile and I look forward to being assimilated by a multi national after I am done with my masters. Sure I'll be working according to their schedule but they will also be taking good care of me. So it will all even out.
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