Monday, May 5, 2008

A Show of hands

Who here thinks Microsoft is acting like a two year old who isn’t getting its way? Wow! That certainly was a strong breeze. I am glad you all agree. Here’s what I am taking about:

Bill Gates: Okay that’s that, it’s been a good run but I am throwing in the towel. Lock up after I am gone.

Steve Ballmer: Sure thing buddy

After Bill left the Richmond compound

SB: And now it’s time to put my diabolical plan of world conquest into motion. Bwahahaha! Quick! Get Yahoo on the phone.

Yahoo BoD: Yahoo here. How can we help you?

SB: Give me your company!

YBD: Sorry Yahoo isn’t for sale, thank yooou, come again.

SB: Why I oughta…

Calls them again

SB: How’s about 40 billion dollars? That’s more money then you’ll ever see.

YBD: We don’t want a corporate giant such as yourself trashing our brand. Good day.

SB: Why I oughta…

Calls them again

SB: Here’s my entire corporate budget now give me your company.

YBD: Sorry. We’re not for sale.

SB: Why I oughta…

Calls them again

SB: Listen punks don’t make me get hostile. This is Microsoft! We’re like huge and can pretty much do whatever we like, because we’re so freaking HUGE!

YBD: Well we’re cool and we want to keep it that way

SB: Me want Internet market share!!!

YBD: Can’t have it its mine

SB: waaaaaah!

He makes threats of returning and this aint it over till its over

Google: Yaaaahoooo!
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