Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How I said goodbye to TV (or why nothing good is on)

I mostly watch TV because "my show" is on. My show = any popular scifi series (e.g. star trek, stargate etc.). I loved tuning in to watch Enterprise. The third season arc was what killed the series but I still watched because it was star trek and I am too much of a die hard fan to let go. The lack of funding showed in the final episodes. You could tell they were turning out the lights around the sets. The computer graphics were so cheesy. Any one could tell they were fake from a mile off. I know of in game cinematics that were way better.

So once Enterprise ended I went looking for other shows to call my own. I checked out Andromeda but couldn't get into it. Farscape came off as a bit too freakish for my taste. Of course Stargate has alway been a mainstay. I've liked Richard Dean Anderson ever since MacGuyver. (he's so cool, too bad he retired, he wanted to spend more time with his family...pshh) But again I am at the mercy of my cable operator's whim. They like yanking channels left and right. The final nail in the coffin was the writer's strike. Which made it official I no longer had a series with "My Show" status.

I wasn't about to settle for some reality show hooha. Or some tripped out talk show. Inane chatter is not my idea of entertainment. So I turned to the internet for help. With a new broadband connection I started spending more time online. I found great resources for keeping a geek like me entertained. Among them were blogs by popular SF writers (see blogroll) and a deluge of free content. From books, videos to podcasts I find myself riveted to my computer monitor I actually have to physically turn off my modem if I want to get any work done!

That's not to say TV is completely out of my life. I tend to flip through the channels every now and then. I tend to settle for the Discovery channel it's fun to find out the latest way to kill people (Future Weapons) or how to ruin your car engine (Mythbusters) or the latest in engineering. Plus CNN is good for getting a perspective on international news while Dawn News gives me a regional perspective.

This sort of thing has happened to a lot of people. I guess it's a sign of the times.
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