Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What do you look like?

Now you Know

I figured now that my blog readers know me a bit better, they may be wondering whose the guy behind the question mark avatar. So I am coming out of my "shell" so to speak. The picture you see is me with my glasses off. There lying around on the table. I am farsighted and can't see things close up with my glasses on. So I take them off when in front of the computer or when I am reading a book. I look even nerdier with them on. I have a picture of me in all my nerdy glory but the lesser said about that the better.

My glasses are pretty old and the lenses are scratched up pretty good. I've been advised to get a new pair but never seem to get the time. Maybe when I pull an eye muscle I will. I am at a restaurant named Nandos. They started in South Africa and feature mostly chicken. These dishes have a distinctly Portuguese flavor to them. Higly recommended. All though I am not sure if they made it to the states yet.
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