Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekend Assingment #207

As far as the News is concerned I can only take small doses. It seems to me that the only news fit to print is bad news. And if you watch or read too much of it you get depressed. That's why I go to online newspapers and only scan the headlines. If a news article interests me I read further. This way I stay informed without any side effects. Current events that have peaked my interest include the recent escalation of violence in Gaza, the all to real reality show "Who want's to be Prime Minister" (political parties in Pakistan are squabbling over who takes the helm after ousting Musharraf), the Elliot Spitzer scandal, and the royal rumble between Obama and Clinton.

I want thank Karen for coming up with a nifty extra credit. Because it just so happens that I've been following a news story that has caught my interest. I first blogged about it here. This is a news story regarding the downed stealth bomber near the Island of Guam. I wanted to learn more about the exact mechanics of the failure. Because I had a nagging suspicion that the computer system gave out and I wanted to know if I was right. So far the US Air Force is really tight lipped about this for obvious reasons.

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