Thursday, February 21, 2008

Did you guys hear about this?

Way Cool! (US Navy Shoots down aging spy satellite)

Seems more like a publicity stunt as this wasn't entirely necessary.

UPDATE: here's the Pentagon's take on the matter

SECOND UPDATE: Now they're saying that a B-2 Stealth Bomber crashed in Guam. I think I know why it happened. I recently got some intel off of the airwaves (read, Discovery Channel) that pinpointed a weakness in the bomber. Apparently the triangular shaped aircraft can't remain stabilized without its computer system crunching numbers and making adjustments. So its possible that this vital component gave out, thus causing the crash.

THIRD UPDATE: Here's what AVWeb uncovered about this. Of note is this passage

"The fire, which was reported shortly after takeoff, was followed by an uncommanded and uncontrollable roll to the right."

This seems to back up my theory of a computer system failure. There could have been an electical fire that short circuited the crucial component, thus destabilizing the aircraft.
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