Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekend Assingment #205

My family and I don't like pets. I've never had one in my life. The only contact I had with critters were squirrels in the backyard, crows in the garbage can and stray cats up in trees. However there was this one time when I was mowing the lawn and I nearly shredded a turtle. The first glimpse I caught of it was when it started climbing up a fence to get away from the approaching blades. Of course the poor thing couldn't get far and just hung there for dear life. Luckily I noticed something small and black thrashing around and managed to cut the motor just in time.

The closest thing I had to a pet were mealworms given to me as a science project by my science teacher. We were suppose to take the little buggers home and take care of them for a week. I was suppose to change the oats they lived (and secreted) in every so often. But I couldn't bring myself to touching the squiggly smelly mealworms. Soon enough mold started growing inside of the container and they began to die. As you can guess I didn't get a good grade on that project.

The only type of pets we seriously considered getting were fishies, but we never bothered getting any.

As far as the extra credit is concerned, I stated my preferences in this post. So you'll find me siding with the felines.

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