Saturday, February 16, 2008

Weekend Assignment #203

hmm $500 that comes to 30,000 rupees. What can you do for Rs. 30,000 in the city of Karachi? Let's see there's the Pearl Continental which offers fine dining. A steak dinner for two will set you back Rs. 6,000.

Afterwards you can go shopping a popular destination is Park Towers. Its a trendsetting shopping mall overlooking the Arabian Sea. People come from all over to shop here. If you are looking to buy fashionable Pakistani clothing, check out Adnan Amir, a trendy botique located inside of the mall. Be prepared to shell out Rs. 4,000 for a stylish new Kurta.

So now you're left with Rs. 20,000. You should hold on to that money and find some one with membership to Pakistan's premier resort, known as Dreamworld. Located on the outskirts of the city this tranquil area offers visitors plenty to do. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from all convenietly located inside of the park. A nice meal for two will cost you Rs. 1,000

By now you'll probably have to fuel up your car because you'll have to get through major traffic jams to reach all of these destinations. If you are using a conventional gasoline engine you’ll have to pay Rs. 1,500 to fill up. Most people equip their cars with Compressed Natural Gas tanks. They fit snuggly in the back trunk filling up one of these bad boys costs Rs. 300 and lasts the whole day, that is if you travel lightly.

Right about now you’ll have Rs. 15,000 to burn. You can blow that money on electronic goods. Karachi has a bustling market catering to these in demand products. Of course you’ll have to venture into the “real” Karachi, the Karachi you here about on TV, you’ll have to enter…Saddar. Make sure a trustworthy local accompanies you watch out for hawkers trying to sell you bootleg watches and don’t mind the beggars just say “Maf kur do” (forgive me) and move on. After Sidestepping a couple of open manholes and dodging manic rickshaw drivers you’ll soon come across the electronics market. You’re sure to get a bargain on brand name products from the likes of Toshiba, Phillips, Sony etc. Just be prepared to haggle because the shopkeeper is going to try to swindle you out of your money, just another day in Karachi!

After spending all your money you can now relax on the beaches after all this is one pleasure that comes for free.

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