Sunday, February 17, 2008

College shootings galore

What’s going on over there?! What’s with all these college shootings? Have people grown tired of living in an insulated society where the rule of law prevails? Do they have to resort to violence to get some excitement in their lives? In almost all the college/school shootings in recent years the perpetrator has always been pissed off at society for one reason or another. This delusional individual isn’t capable of coping with his problems so he goes on a killing rampage.

I’d like to take such a person and show him what it’s like in Pakistan. Here’s a country where STATE SANCTIONED violence is the norm. Examples of which are the Bhutto assassination, random killings of political party workers by a rival party (the word party can be easily replaced by the word gang, these types of killings are ramping up as the sham elections near) and numerous bombings that are meant to keep the opposition in line. People are craving peaceful lives for themselves and their children. They couldn’t fathom why a person acting on his own whims would go and gun down his fellow classmates. After all getting a college education is a blessing something to be thankful for.

If we can’t help such lunatics see the light then perhaps stricter gun control is needed. Various gun control laws are in effect but clearly they are not doing enough. In my opinion the antiquated second amendment needs to be repealed. From my understanding the colonist put that piece of wisdom in there to protect themselves from invading armies that may want to take their newly found freedom from them. Nowadays Americans should be more worried about getting hit by a drunk driver then invading armies and/or terrorist sneaking in to their country and terrorizing them.
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