Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They got it all wrong

I don’t know how well the new Knight Rider show did but I do know that long before its premiere fans were complaining about how ugly the new KIIT looked. I couldn’t agree more, I guess this eyesore can’t take the place of the original KITT. I grew up with the series, I was the kid who put the tape recorder up to the TV speakers to record the theme songs (I know there are others out there). It’s going to take a while for people to adjust to the new look; my only concern is that the series will flop by then.

Oldie Star War fans had similar complaints with the prequels and the re-mastered originals. But I didn’t find anything wrong with them in fact when put together they carried the story pretty well. So I guess new kids won’t mind this new take on the classic TV show and it might (just barely) make it out the gate.

Also it’s interesting to note that fans of the series can be found in Pakistan as well. They used to broadcast the show on the national channels so anybody with a TV and an antenna could get it. And due to the action-oriented nature of the show you could understand the story without having to understand the dialogue. Therefore you find fans in the most unlikely places. While surfing the net at my desk I pulled up a webpage selling Knight Rider DVDs. This catches the eye of the office janitor we started chit chatting about the show and how he loved watching it as a kid. Once we were done he rolled up his sleeves, took a bite of tobacco and continued cleaning.

So its safe to say that the show has had an effect and the idea of it being reincarnated would have been great had they stuck to the original format. Another thing I don’t like is how Ford’s PR machine is all over this. This makes me think that the show’s producers are more interested in selling cars then creating first-rate entertainment. And can anyone tell me who the hell is Mike Tracer?!
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