Sunday, October 5, 2014

Behold! The Delta Flyer...

As I had mentioned in a previous post I got me some wheels. Old wheels mind you but wheels none the less. Friends always complimented on how nimble the ride was. I guess the sports edition is worth something. But alas I had to part ways with the mobil mobile, it was taking too many latinum bars to keep moving. 

So to remedy that, I had gotten an upgrade. A Honda Civic no less. This make of car has been used by the Sadiq clan for some time. I decided to continue with tradition and uphold the family name. It turns out that was a good choice. Motor heads will tell you that this car is highly customizable. There is a whole community dedicated to all things Civic. Their reach, is global.

I frequent their sites for nifty graphics for my I-Mid. Its no accident that this car company has a die hard following. How cool is it to express your personality to your passengers? I was stoked to find Star Trek graphics and had to put them up. I wanted to go with a realistic look. What normally shows up on the screens of starfleet vessels? Normally instrument panels (I have a killer spectral analysis jpg). Or communiques. Currently I am sticking with the communique. I can load up to three wallpapers and switch between them at will. But only when the car comes to a complete stop. Otherwise it won't let you!

You'll be crowned superfan if you can find the doomed V323
Pretty nifty, eh? The overall effect is pretty inspiring. With my handy dandy Google navigator app I really do have a navigation computer at my disposal. Is this another case of science catching up with fiction? I sure hope so. But my imagination just doesn't stop there. I often tell MW that my car is my space ship. Of course actual space ships are the length of football fields. So more realistically its a shuttle craft. Now if it is a shuttle craft what kind is it? Well the one I find most inspiring (aside from my own creation) is the Delta Craft from ST:Voyager. Take a gander...

Delta Flyer Interior

The interiors look similar, yes? No wonder its not a huge leap of the imagination to envision your car cabin as a cockpit of an interstellar cruiser.
I made it myself. Wonder if ILM has openings?
I lovingly recall the episode of Voyager where the Delta Craft is used in a race. Tom Paris had joysticks put in for tactile feel. Like airplanes of yore. Lucky for me my steering wheel cover gives a similar effect. I had to go through a lot of covers before I found the right one. Some were too big and floppy. Others were smelly and stunk up the car and my hands! But the one I have now is easy on the hands and gives me that grip that is oh so desired. It all comes into play when you race down the highway banking turns and flying high. To add to the realism I got me ST Academy license plate frames. This let's people behind me know that a STA Alumni is at the helm. So you need not worry.

Not my real numbers, silly. Points if you figure out where they're from
But my spacey obsessions don't stop at my car. In my day to day doings I want to be reminded of the amazing. They act as talismans whisking me away to my happy place (believe me we need more of this in the workplace, I am talking to you hothead). You met my SG1 pin here. Now meet my Enterprise key chain. Noticed the missing nacele? That's what happens when you drop the mini star ship on hard asphalt, buyer be ware. Of course if that doesn't deter you, pick this item up and other themed merchandising off of the Star Trek online store. Its worth the expenditure if you want others to know you are a loud and proud geek. And if you are really into geeky goodness check out ThinkGeek. Of course if you really want to prove your geek cred. You can head out to a con, meet up with exhibitors. Tons of merch to be had.

I am looking for more ways to get inspired. I've studied interior shots of fictional/not so fictional space craft to get a feel for more mods. I also look to fellow geeks to see what they do. Decals are huge but I haven't found one that does it for me. I am open to suggestions. What do you want to see? Comment. Share.

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