Saturday, June 7, 2014

Icna-Mas Convention

So I hope you enjoyed your memorial day weekend. It's always nice to have time to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones, any excuse will do! A lot of people head out to enjoy the weather. MW and I did the same. But not to the usual summertime haunts...

Every year around this time ICNA and MAS team up to bring the American Muslim community an annual convention. Its a chance for an otherwise isolated community to come together in a true spirit of unity. Of course that is too easy to say. The reality is that there is substantial discord between the various tribes of Islam. These differences usually center around xenophobia, nationalism and greed. But this is a forum where rubber meets the road. ICNA is a predominantly South asian organization, that is the members and executive committee tend to hail from that region. While MAS is predominantly middle eastern. It goes without saying that these two groups are culturally different. However if we can get along in this microcosm perhaps there is hope in larger arenas.

But enough of the deep stuff. It's also an excuse to have some fun. I took some pics as proof of my attendance. Enjoy!

The Bazar is in full swing!
The kiddie area is hopping!
Scholars are at hand to enlighten the masses
Get you chuska on!
The main session floor where we ended the con with an entertainment session

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