Saturday, October 19, 2013

FED Y’all!

So what am I excited about today? Well for one thing my trip to Richmond, Virginia. Me and MW loaded the family car and drove down south. Why would we do that? Well for starters there is nothing like a road trip to get the neurons firing. The autumn tree lined highways were truly inspiring. Driving through  black stretches of dark road with highbeams on gave us the chills. It was all worth it when we reached our destination. After checking in to a hotel we headed down to the city’s coliseum. There we took part in the opening night ceremonies of the one and only Free Enterprise Day (FED)









If you still don’t get the magnitude of the business. Maybe we should turn the lights UP!!!



Each one of these people are registered Independent Business Owners (IBO). They have decided that their dreams are important enough, worthy enough, precious enough that they will fight to attain the vision they have set for themselves. Are your dreams this important to you? I would sincerely hope that they would be. Just like when a fetus is concieved in its mother’s womb and grows and grows while be lovingly nurtured and nourished. So too your dreams are conceived in your mind. Don’t abort them! They deserve to grow and become reality.

I hope what I said inspired you. If you are struggling for something better than a 9-5 and working for a paycheck at a place that doesn’t respect you. Talk to me. We all know how it is. We can help. Let’s get you off wages and onto profit. Just remember there is no cap on profits!

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