Sunday, March 10, 2013

Islamic Entertainment

I am self styled Islamic Entertainer. My chosen form of art is creative writing. I am inspired by Dr Naif Al-Mutawa, creator of THE 99 superheroes, the work done by Yusuf Islam, Sami Yusuf and others. However, no matter how many blog posts I compose, no matter how many hours I put into my manuscripts, no matter how many webpages I design, no matter how many frames I add to my computer animation, no matter how many lines of code I write. I always feel I can and should do more.

I guess I was searching for a way to align myself with the right people. People who “clicked”, people who aspired, people who shared my vision and thus shared the vision of Sadisoft. I have found my tribe. Introducing Guide Us Tv:


A truly worthy endeavor. A chance for Muslims to tell others and to remind ourselves what Islam is all about. Its all to easy for backward minded mullahs to shun TV, internet, radio as Haram, the tools of the devil, as they say. Mindless followers fall in line and deprive themselves of an enriched life that these “satanic tools” had to offer if used in the right way. People this is the right way. We need to embrace this opportunity. Just imagine what we have…A Cable channel for Muslims by Muslims. How many of those do we have in the US?

Just take a moment and view the programming they have to offer. If it appeals to you, then by all means support them. Support them with your money, support them with your time. You will be doing a lot to nurture the fledging Islamic Media outlet. Islamic media itself is in a fragile state. It is easily drowned out by the mega media outlets. Broadcasting their mischievous agendas and far worse, broadcasting a distorted image of our perfected religion of Islam. It is high time that we tell our own stories. Let’s rise to the challenge, let’s take back our religion.

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