Friday, April 29, 2011

Passing of a Comedy Legend

I like laughing just as much as the other guy. Why do you think I don’t take the news too seriously? (Half of it is BS anyway, what with the media pushing its own agenda, brainwashing the masses) My primary news source is John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. What’s more I believe everyone should have a good laugh at least once a day. It’s the best medicine.

If you are familiar with desi pop culture especially the Pakistani comedy scene. You would have heard of Moin Akhtar. He was a talented comedian whose honest insights illuminated our society. Holding a mirror to our faults, he was the people’s man. Often being affectionately called Moin bhai, his cultured comedy was well received by all ages.

I remember spending countless afternoons at my aunt’s house watching his serials, dramas and comedy shows. His mannerism was contagious, we would find ourselves mimicking his dialogue in our daily lives. Even now after his tragic passing as I sift through old video clips of his work those pleasant afternoons are relived.

Pakistan has been given very few towering personalities. All too often they are taken from us much too early. Anytime this happens we are all overcome with a sense of loss. We find ourselves wondering who will show us the way now?

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon. May Allah turn your grave into a heavenly garden. Ameen.

PS: Sorry Kate and William fans no commentary on the royal wedding from me. Mainly because I am too focused on my own wedding plus I am not British so I don't get it.
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