Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh hi...I am an Indie author

I've been trying to get my specially formatted manuscript up loaded to smashwords. But there site was giving me trouble for the past few days. After worrying about my computer having a virus and running the site on other PCs it finally decided to behave. Once I filled in the publishing information the word doc was placed in a queue for conversions into various format. My spot? #193. I was definitely not going to stay up for this and went to bed. I got up early for sahiri then went back to sleep. When I got up to go to work I checked in with the site and this is what my profile said:

My short story and debut novel are up alongside their glorious covers specially minted for this release. This was pleasant enough but when I logged in a took a look at my account it turned out that I had sold a copy overnight! Woot! My first sale! It's official I am a full fledged author I suppose I should be eccentric and aloof now...oh wait I already am! Perfect! To the anonymous fan who bought my book. I hope you have a thoroughly entertaining time reading it. I put my heart and soul into and wish to do more.

But we can't put all that burden on one poor soul, help a brother out! Go to smashwords and buy my e-books. A hand dandy graphical link is the sidebar, just look for the "Colbert Nation" Medallion. In the meantime I'll keep on churning out the goods you keep on churning out the greens.

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