Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goodies for you

Wow what a win! Congrats to Spain you guys deserve it! Just finished watching the final match of the world cup. I managed to get a hold of a live stream off of the internet. I would have used my cable transmission but it was spewing its signal into empty space as it didn't have a TV to catch and decode it. As I have mentioned my TV is busted. I have it packed and set aside. There is no recall so I plan on selling it for parts. I called a couple of dealers this morning to do just that. Hopefully someone will bite. I am glad for a high speed internet connection that let's me witness a momentous occasion such as this.

Another momentous occasion in my world is the production of two kick ass graphics. I am sharing them with you so you can marvel at their grandeur. They are the cover arts of my short story and debut novel:

Wicked cool eh? I made it using flash. This is for the exclusive Smashwords release. Each weekend I get a few precious hours to work on my dream project. And here are the fruits of this weeks labor of love. I do this for free but the chance to get paid makes it twice as nice. SW has very specific guidelines for manuscript formats. The short story is compliant and will most likely be uploaded first. There are just some kinks I have to work out with the front matter but I am sure that will be resolved. Then I have to do the same for the novel length work.

Once that is done I plan on doing some marketing. Get the word out to the SW community that their favorite son has arrived, huzzah! Then I plan on sitting back and watching the paisa roll in. With sales! sales! sales! and hits! hits! hits! because the e-books will also contain links to this blog and the sadisoft website. Any proceeds will go towards my project (or to pay off bills which ever is more pressing). In the meantime I will be working on the sequel to ROTD that Ishan sets up for us. I am working on a really spine tingling concept, which the faithful will find most exhilarating!

In the meantime feast on this delightful eye candy. I find they capture the gray and ominous feel of the stories, quite nicely. Enjoy!

UPDATE: You know it's great how international events like the world cup bring people together. NY has a large Hispanic community and in the aftermath of a Spanish victory, their pleasure is understandable. On my way to work, ever so often, I spotted gold and red jerseys in the crowd. On the train ride home the guy standing next to me was clad in the victors colors. I wanted to engage him in dialogue but hesitated. Finally I piped up, asking why his jersey didn't have the now obligatory gold star. He was delighted and extended his hand in friendship. We started talking about the game, the nail biting last minutes, and how both teams were equally matched and it was only pure luck that one side was able to score. We were both ecstatic that the game wasn't decided by a humdrum penalty kick.

The conversation soon drifted towards our livelihoods we each told each other what we did for a living and the joys and sorrows of the daily grind, family life. In the end we had learned more about each other than we normally would. All because of a game we had watched. A shared experience that brought us closer together. Giving us a chance to discover our common humanity. We can never have too many of these kinds of events. Perhaps we can even dare to overcome hateful ideologues like "clash of civilizations". In the words of a particularly poignant advertisement "We all speak football".

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