Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As you may know I have started my own publishing label. I've got some keen intellectual property that I want to share with the world. It's a way for me to do dawah and earn some sawab. But as you know spiritual pursuits must be balanced with the realities of the world. In order to continue my work I need for readers to spread the word.

Over the Memorial Day weekend (how was yours by the way) I was tinkering around with my site (Scroll down to the "SadiSoft" logo to go to the site). I made some changes, I got rid of some crazy pants rants I had on it and tried to tone down my schpeel. All in an effort to make the site that more enjoyable to visit. I am hoping visitors enjoy themselves so much they might choose to make a financial contribution to help support my work. Just look for the donate button on the bottom of each page.

The work I do there is mostly to keep me sane. It's my way of expressing myself and commenting on all the craziness that's going on in the world. It helps me to make some kind of sense out of an all too often senseless world. I am expanding my efforts from more than just storytelling I am trying to make waves in the digital entertainment arena as well. A game based on the characters I created is in the works. But I need your help so please chip in it's for a good cause.

UPDATE: After seeing no one chip in after I so nicely asked for some money. I decided to add this button to the bottom of the page. Hopefully this will encourage my supporters to help out. Note the new look, pretty kewl, eh? I made it just for you, yes I did. Plus another hits are being celebrated with a shiny new rupee added to "the monetary hit counter". That's my trademark you hear!
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