Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here's to nifty partnerships

I've been meaning to get Metallica's latest album (they finally won a grammy). Just in case you're thinking that this is just some bandwagon bullshit it's not. An old highschool buddy of mine got me hooked on the band a long time ago I've been following them since. The track that's been getting the most press is this jewel:

The Day That Never Comes

Stellar song and drives home an importan point of view. Which got me thinking...does the Pakistani music scene have anything to offer? The answer is a most definite yes. I've already introduced Junoon to the readers. There considered to be the grand daddies of Pakistani Rock now here's a word from a much younger rock band. With their piece "Waqt".

Now Waqt is the Urdu word for time. The song's message is that don't achieve your goals by unlawful means because at the end it will never work out. Over the years the term Waqt has become synonymous with charity work. References to this work is also made in the song which is pretty cool. Can these two bands ever jam together? Or maybe forge a partnership, I Don't Know you be the judge.

This is with reference to Obama's speech last Tuesday. Allocating 30,000 US troops for Afghanistan.
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