Friday, November 27, 2009

So what does the logo mean?

Visitors may have noticed the new IDK logo. It's got the first incarnation of the Starship Enterprise speeding away at light speed. While the title of the blog slowly comes into view, you may notice that the font is Klingon Dagger. What it means for me is a change of direction before I let readers into my personal life as I chronicled a year in my life. From my enagement to special occasions I shared all.

At the time I was hiding a terrible amount of personal grief. My dad had been diagnosed with cancer, the thought of losing him and having to support my mother along with a new family scared me. To be honest I didn't handle the situation well I became a nervous wreck which became apparent by my actions and my words.

People reprimanded me in whatever way they thought was appropriate. Regardless I have come to terms with my father's loss and I continue on. Responsibilities that previously weren't mine fell upon my shoulders. To most they seem mundane paying the bills providing support to an aging mother, basically becoming head of a household. But for me its a brave new world.

Having recovered from my emotional trauma I forge ahead. A constant source of strength for me is my wife. She's had a tremendous influence in my life. I am rediscovering my religion. I know some of you would like me to be more liberal but that just doesn't work for me. I feel at ease with myself when I practice my religion the way it suppose to be practiced, with no adulterations or compromises.

So where does that leave me and my readers. Well I suppose the window into a different culutre will no longer be there. It's just to personal for me to have to share everything going on in my life. I am cutting back on writing and trying to focus my energy on the game I mentioned before. To be honest my motivation has been waning thanks to my new job and responsibilities. I much rather plop down in front of the TV and watch leno then fry my brains some more pouring over source code.

I lurk on other UCF sites and find Jim's views into the Fort Hood shooting, insightful. Plus my heart felt congratulations to Matt on his new addition. Just think of me as the rogue UCFer, Peace.
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