Thursday, June 11, 2009

No one ever says they want to be a blogger when they grow up

Well now a days the kids might be saying that. But ever since high school I had the crazy dream of creating my very own video game. I took computer programming courses in the hopes I would be working for Westwood studios right out of school, never happened. I continued on increasing my technical skills and wasting my engineering talent on one shmucky project after the other. Sure I got paid but a sizable part inside of me died each time I whored my abilities for money. You got what you wanted what about what I want?

Since I have a family to support I'll still need a day job (where I can win, like I used to). But as The Programmer’s Prenup clearly states I must compile no matter what. That's why I am pursuing my dream of creating some kick ass digital entertainment. This is going to be a pet project that I am going to do in my spare time. Mostly to keep my programming skills honed. Plus this is a great way for me to continue what I love doing, manufacturing art. I've created a video game of my very own back in my undergrad years. It was a flight simulator for a UAV. I enjoyed working on that project and wish to do something similar in the java language. I'll be using Netbeans as my IDE. The concept is already worked out but I am not going to tell you because it's a secret.

Stay tuned for more updates...
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