Friday, May 29, 2009

Thanks for the hits

To commemorate over 5,000 hits at IDK (the lowest count in the UCF :D [probably my unabashed paki patriotism has something to do with it?] If you had grandparents who survived the bloodbaths you would understand where I am coming from, plus these custodians of Islamic ideals are considered great grandparents but certain youngsters).

I am giving readers a gander at our illustrious forefather. He looks dapper even on the fifty if I do say so myself. According to current exchange rates 50 rups equates to 63 cents, because $1= PAKRP. 80. Of course the one pictured on my blog is from the 70’s. That’s Urdu on the right and Bengali Sanskrit on the left (err, some things weren’t meant to be?) The currently issued 50 rupee note comes with anti-counterfeiting measures including some nifty holograms and uh no Sanskrit, sorry!

And here are some more stats that continue to fascinate me, brought to you by the folks at Google Analytics:

Also I know I have not been visiting other people’s blogs as frequently as I used to. That is because not only I am I planning my wedding, plus my move back to New England but I am also taking care of Dad. I have my family and relatives to help out but due to the demanding schedule I had to quit my job and help out with rehabilitating my father. He’s doing much better now but still has a long way to go. I like to give a shout out to the folks at Aga Khan University Hospital for doing a bang up job. I was pleased to work with such gentle and qualified professionals. Once again thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Also a shout out to the “Drug Dealers” for importing a smoother blend of chemo medicine from the UK. It’s much more effective yet gentler on the body. We’re so used to hearing horror stories of cancer patients losing their hair during treatment but my dad was saved from this fate thanks to the good work of chemists everywhere, especially refugees from a certain city ;) ;)

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