Friday, March 27, 2009

This makes me teary eyed...

I would like to join CRUC as a member. As far as my introduction is concerned I am Talha Bin Masood, currently working as a Product Manager / Business Analyst at Softech Worldwide LLC for the product I have been in the software industry since Dec, 2005, on different positions in different companies.

I have always had a keen interest in research and development but due to some reasons I am not working in this field directly, although my job description as an Analyst is very much related to research. I joined FAST last year for my MS and fortunately was offered a course "Adv. topic of HCI" which made my think again in the direction of my interest, specially i took a lot of inspiration from the personality of Dr. Zubair Sheikh. We did a bit of research and evolved new ideas during the course of study in for this subject. I did a project "Green Family Tree" which was highly admired by Dr. Zubair Sheikh and he asked me to continue my efforts on this project.

Fields of study like HCI, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Ubiquitous Computing, ambient intelligence and the others like that really make me excited and motivated to explore the worlds they possess inside them. I never thought about this in past, but now I want to do PHD in Human Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering or some related field of study in future (InshaAllah) .

Please accept my request for membership, so that together we explore new horizons in the field of research.
Thank you.
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