Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tears of Pharaoh

It seems no matter how many time you oust unjust leaders their autocratic policies never seem to come to an end. I am ashamed of the recent death of a Polish engineer in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Militants set a “Friday” deadline, for authorities to meet their demands. I interpret this as a deliberate attempt at perpetuating more mischief.

The current hotspot within Pakistani borders is the area of Swat. The domestic policy of the previous regime is still in effect and in short the boys need to fiddle with their tools. How does such naked violence affect the adolescent mind? Well for one thing there is a mutual lack of respect between genders. Each is expected to perform their biological roles flawlessly or else. Due to a lack of education or fierce resistance to change such hard line thinking tends to transcend class lines. And now I take you there:

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