Thursday, February 26, 2009

See you in, Nam

How's my legal mumbo jumbo?

======================================================4. Improvements in Version 1.7======================================================
The following improvements/enhancements have beenincorporated into version 1.7:
* Printing and previewing now works more reliably.
* AOL Internet connections are now recognized by the application so AOL users can receive software updates. However, AOL currently does not support Win NT and Win 2000, so Win NT and Win 2000 users may not be able to receive automatic updates via AOL. AOL will soon release an upgrade to AOL 5.0 that will be compatible with Win NT and Win 2000, and which will be tested by Kinko's when it becomes available.
* The default path for saving KDF files is no longer the installation folder. The default path on Windows 9x machines is the "My Documents" folder. The default path on Windows NT or 2000 machines is the user-specific "Personal" folder. Note that the name may differ depending on how the system is configured.
bonus points if you can guess where i got this from.
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