Saturday, January 3, 2009

OK, no more bullshit

So I got up this morning, spiked my V8 with some Masala. Drained the can in about 5 gulps. Used my Sony to take a pic of my car’s frontend. Won’t tell you the make until the end of this post.

Right, right, right…so back in Indiana my dad bought a blue Oldsmobile from a farmer. What did we do with it? Well we hitched it to a U-Haul Semi and paid a driver to take our things to Queens, NY. We stayed in my uncle’s (da’ pharmacist) house for two years. I went to kindergarten and my dad took the train and my mom drove the car into a stump and the bad man cursed her and I said…nothing.

The car became a liability so we sold it to a friend. Then we moved out to Long Island. We bought a brown colored Honda civic. That thing lasted for 12 years, sold it to my dumb assed uncle (works for the da’ uncle’s pharmacy). In parallel we bought a Nissan Sentra from a family friend. Big sis went to college using that, I finished high school took some CIW courses never got the stuff. Hmmm…what is lil sis doing?

I dunno but we all felt like moving again. 40 foot container stuffed our stuff in it sent off to the sea. Hey there dumb assed uncle take care of Ma’ house while I am gone. Yeah so this be Karachi hmmm. Sounds familiar but we just be chilllin in a flat while we build our house out on the outskirts. Holy crap big sis got engaged da’ be the bomb.

Did a year at a uni run by the Air-Force the logo is indeed trekie. Flunked out so screw it. Then I went to a uni closer to home fell in love with a girl. My, my, my…ends in disaster. And politically speaking I was the VP of the student body two years in a row. And you know what the good folks in the city government due to a uni offering quality education, why you shut it down so that big sis doesn’t look bad. This really really really sucks because they don’t even care about the environment. EPA their brooms…please.

Right, right, right…so back to the cars we bought a Suzuki Cultus fits four guys comfortably. I deftly maneuvered that shit. 120 KM, manual transmission, hatch back, skidded to a halt before running into a tree. Ma’ cousin in NY couldn’t, broke his ankle sits at home fears working in the pharmacies wanted to be a sports therapist. I’ll give my toy car to my eldest Nephew when the time is right, It’s a red stingray. For now it sits packed away in my attic and yes I have a squared shaped attic and yes there is no room to dance. Ah perfect strangers, I found Balki humorous.

Moving on…My dad buys a Mitsubishi Lancer for the family. I know how to maintain it got the support system in place, now you tell me what to do with this car, because I’ll be damned if they put Mehndi on it, lol!

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