Thursday, November 6, 2008

OK I'll Come clean

Due to popular demand (and because I was planning to) I am formally annoucing my intentions to Marry a good friend of mine (codenamed GF). We're getting engaged this Friday in a small ceremony arranged by our parents. They really wanted to go all out for this occasion. She's the only daughter and I am the only son so there is also a lot of emotion involved.

Here is where cultural differences become apparent. Weddings are huge in Pakistani culture the actual wedding will be a 4 day event (no date has been set). So by that standard the engagement ceremony should last 2 days. First GF's family will play host inviting their desired guest. Then my parents play host I get to invite all my friends. Naturally the UCF is invited but you'll have to schlep on over to Karachi by Monday night, PST. Email me if you want details. Full coverage of the ceremony will be given.

So yeah really excited, Think New Years eve while on ecstacy. Cloud nine is way down there as I gaze upon it from cloud 999999999999!!!! Logical subroutines being bypassed so I'll shut up now....
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