Wednesday, October 1, 2008


EID MUBARAK everybody!!!

Today is the first day of Eid I am having a blast. The bestest part is eating whenever I feel like it!

Officially the holiday is from october 1-3 but add on the weekend and you get a five day vacation for free! Wooot! I plan on eating and napping most of the time. Need to recharge the old neurons. My uncle throws a party on the second day. This is a family tradition that we can't do without. I'll defintely be there.

Today I met with friends from the neighborhood. Everyone is in a very festive mood, it feels really nice. Unfortunately there is one family in particular who is not in the mood for celebrations. There breadwinner was gunned down by some punk that wanted his car. This happened yesterday afternoon. That night we all gathered in the local Masjid to offer the funeral prayers. It was a very bittersweet occasion. On the one hand we were happy that it was Eid on the other hand we felt bad for the family. We all know them very well. After the prayer was over a group of people took the coffin away and headed for a nearby graveyard.

They have my sympathies. I met a family member at the service. At first I felt like cheating and tried not to make eye contact. But I decided I was acting like a baby and headed in his direction. I didn't know how to comfort him. I awkwardly offered my condolences. He graciously accepted and we moved on. At times like these I wonder if I know how to be a good human. Can I comfort a grieving mother? Help a friend through some rough times? Soothe a baby to sleep? Comfort the dying? The list goes on.

I know that when people first meet me they think that I am cold and uncaring. That's far from the truth. I am emotionally effected by what's happening around me but choose not to express myself. This acts as an effective defensive mechanism but also creates distance between me and others. Once I gain the other person's trust I warm up and begin to express myself more openly. In the end I am able to forge lasting friendships.

Anyway this post was suppose to be about Eid. I'll have more updates (and photos) as they become available. I wish everyone a hearty Eid Mubarak. God bless.
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