Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chai, Coffee?

Depending on how a strong of a caffeine fix I need, I either go with tea or coffee. A mug of unsweetened tea with milk is good for low intensity fixes. Then I take it up a notch with coffee, cream and sugar please. On occasions when I need to be startled awake a cup of coffee straight does the trick. The other day I strayed from my regular doses and tried some Earl Grey. This tea has a lemony taste to it and really doesn’t need cream or sugar. It was pretty good, no wonder why Capt. Picard liked it so much.

Incidentally the blog title was inspired by air hostesses on PIA flights. They need to serve dozens of passengers quickly. And ask one after the other about their preferred hot beverage. When I was first asked I didn’t comprehend what they were saying all I saw was a lady holding a kettle of boiling hot water. This made me nervous and I just sorta sat their dazed and confused. She asked again I think I managed to say huh? But by then she was thoroughly annoyed and moved on.
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