Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weekend assingment #219

Most often then not I find myself traveling by car. At times this can get a bit tedious. Traffic jams, careless pedestrians and the occasional pothole eventually stress you out. At times like these it's nice to get away from it all on a train. There's nothing like climbing aboard a sleek air conditioned carriage. You can sit back and relax, let someone else do the driving. No need to worry about traffic jams, the cars will stop for you (it's for their own good). All that relaxing let's you arrive at your destination well rested and ready for anything!

Trains can also be thrilling. I remember standing on a station platform when an entire train screamed past me. All I could see was a swirling mass of steel. The winds kicked up by the vehicle were enough to give me a good tug. I had to look down at the platform to make sure I wasn't being sucked away!

I once rode a camel. These animals are pretty tall. And have to get down on their knees so that you can climb aboard. If you get to rambocious it turns and looks at you wondering why in the world you can't get on to its lumpy back. When it gets up it uses its hind legs. That pushes you forward and you gotta hold on for dear life until it can straighten itself up. Camels are also pretty laid back its big bushy eyes wonder off as it leisurely strolls around. It's gait is smooth and rhythmic. That is until it kneels down again to let you get off!
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