Monday, June 2, 2008

Spock, Analyze!

I have to credit AJ for pointing out google analytics to me. I added IDK and presto I got back detailed reports on site traffic, viewed content and visitors. I found the visitor map most enganging:

Look! Some one from Venezuela visited me! "Como estas, amigo?". And I didn't know I was getting hits from Canada and the UK. "How's the weather in those parts?"
Of course I am pretty sure the hits I got from Pakistan was just me updating the site.
Last but not least most hits came from the US. That's due to UCFers and other community ring members. You guys rock!
SIDE NOTE: Blogspot and Blogger were suffering from high page load times. At first I thought that it was just me since I recently added tracking code to the blog. I was worried that somehow the code was messing around with the load times. Then I noticed the same thing on other blogs and decided against that.
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