Sunday, May 18, 2008

What’s new?

I’ve been sprucing up my blog a bit. To make your stay at I Don’t Know that much better. *enter cheesy thumbs up sign here*

First on the list was making a bigger and bolder header. A new graphic reflects the topics discussed here (learning about things, writing, science and technology and the wonders of the Universe). My profile also features my email address in case anyone wants to contact me. The address is saqib82 at hotmail dot com. That’s saqib82 at hotmail dot com.

Some new categories in the label section. I want to write more about gaming. That’s also a hobby that I enjoy aside from writing science fiction. The Life Studies label has to do with the things that I have learned personally during my time on planet earth.

The blogroll has been dissected into tiny little parts. It was getting kinda big to the point that you couldn’t tell what was what. I divided the links into sections. Those interested in the writing business should check out those blogs. A special section devoted to the crazy folks who pop in here every now and then can be found in the Community Ring.

The political activism section features blogs that give a different perspective to all the messed up stuff that is going on in our world. I am no utopianist and I know that we can’t make progress with out confrontations. But they need to be handled in a civilized manner. The best way of doing that, is knowing all sides of the story. Even if you’re official policy is not to talk to the other side.

I encourage you to visit Raising Yousuf, Unplugged: diary of a Palestinian mother. She gives her readers a unique perspective into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Finally be sure to check out Saqib Ali’s blog (yes I found his blog while googling my name) he’s a legislator from Maryland. He’s done some good work for that state. His actions helps show the positive contributions Muslims are making in American society (to that end be sure to check out The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Blog).

So that’s that…live long and prosper.
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