Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things you should do

Thing #1: You should suck on a mint while drinking kool-aid. Its minty fresh!

Thing #2: You should mix kool-aid powder with club soda. mmm...fizzy kool-aid

I wanted to see if the club soda would take on the taste of the powder. I turns out that it does.
However care should be taken when mixing the two ingredients. They'll give you an explosive reaction! Just 2 tablespoons of powder and a gulp worth of club soda filled the entire glass with foam. Fun to watch not so much fun to clean up. Once the foam died down I slowly added more soda. Once that was done I mixed the two together until the sugar dissolved.

The resulting drink wasn't that bad. However It turns out that all that escaping carbon left the drink with a flat texture. Which kinda sucked. Does anyone now how to perfect the technique of mixing kool-aid with club soda?
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