Sunday, April 6, 2008

who do you know?

I have been often asked "Do you know any other Saqibs?" I have to pull out a mental rolodex of all the people I know. I usually am only able to come up with one guy. He's a family friend and is a photographer.

Thanks to the internet and blogging I was able to connect to Saqib Ali a Maryland State Legislator. I went through his blog and found that he's very popular and is doing some great work for the people of Maryland. Plus he sticks up for minorities (yes, he's a democrat) which is a big plus point. That's why his blog has earned a place in my blog roll check it out!

So far the Saqibs I know are a Software engineer, photographer, and a politician. Can you add to the list?

UPDATE: I met a Saqib Sadiq on Facebook he's from Norway and doesn't speak English, bummer.
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