Friday, March 28, 2008

why I do, what I do

Why in the world would anyone want to get mixed up in the crazy world of computer programming. Sure most of have to use a computer to write angry letters to the HR manager or wacked out blog posts or surf the net in search of the latest Yanni videos ;) But why get involved with building applications that can do all these things for us?

For me the answer is easy I like programming and building things that others find useful. It's a way for me to leave my mark. Recently my company delivered an automated accounting system to a group of bookeepers at a local school. Previously they would have to fill in over 500 payment vouchers by hand! Needless to say this was a harrowing ordeal they had to go through every semester. Our system got rid of all this tedious work now they can simply push a button and in a matter of minutes all the vouchers are printed and are ready for delivery to eager students, who can't wait to pay their fees!

Now the school managements wants to automate other departments like admissions and HR. This is good news for us as a company as there is plenty of business at hand and personally I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have helped to make other people's live a bit easier.

why do you do, what you do?
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