Sunday, March 30, 2008

The evil specter of discrimination

Here is a thought provoking video I found on the web. It takes a look at what Muslims must face in their day to day lives, while living in America. I am moved by how so many strangers came to the defense of the lady and I am shocked by the behavior of the clerk and his cronies. The way that they have defined who can and can't be an American is appalling. This indicates a highly polarized society something akin to the McCarthy era. I am pretty sure no one wants to repeat such a dark chapter from US history. Plus the way he "reserves the right" to deny service based on appearance sounds an awful lot like segregation.

As a matter of fact this is the kind of stuff that I have been talking about on this blog and other blogs. To this end I want to let readers know that I personally stand up for the American People. In Pakistan some people (ignorant, uneducated etc.) have the impression that they all must be blood crazed lunatics. I make sure to seperate the average American from the vile foreign policies of the current administration (read, regime).

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